Montreal'2015 AES-ATEMA 22nd International Conference (June 15-19, 2015)

"Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials and their Applications"

The “very beautiful” Montreal, Canada.

MONTREAL LIFE Montreal icon … Combining old-fashioned European charm with a modern North-American way of life, Montreal is a beautiful multicultural metropolis, which features the warm ambience of a charming European city. Montreal is the second largest metropolitan center in Canada, and the largest French-speaking City outside France. Montreal is unique and multicultural. The City has an established reputation of welcoming its visitors, particularly in the spring and summer, to many lively terraces, cafés, bistros and innumerable restaurants reflecting a combination of many ethnic cultures. Located right in the heart of the city, the famous Mount Royal on one side and the magnificent St. Laurence River, on the opposite site, lend Montreal a unique and beautiful landscape. The Montreal Botanic Gardens, along with several colorful parks, provide an ample opportunity for rest and the enjoyment of your time in the City. For a change of scene, you may wish to visit the many different ecosystems of Montreal or visit the many museums in the City-center. At night, pedestrians can enjoy the picturesque and romantic streets of “Old Montreal” and the ancient Port, or walk around the lively streets of Downtown, where many international festivals take place throughout the summer. These festivals transform Montreal into a jazz, humor, movie and African music capital. Safe and efficient, Montreal’s public transit system (subway, buses and commuter trains) extends across the entire city as well as servicing the greater metropolitan area. For lovers of open spaces, Montreal is ideally situated as it is only one hour away from numerous beautiful mountains, sceneries, lakes and resorts. If you think of adding a little vacation to your stay in the City, you could visit the beautiful “Quebec City”, our next ATEMA’2015 Conference-venue, a two and half hour drive from Montreal, or the beautiful resorts in the “Laurentians”, merely one hour drive from the City center. Montreal is also centrally located with only two hours of a beautiful drive to Canada’s capital, home of our ATEMA International Conference Series.

 Montréal … It is the largest city in the province of Quebec, the second-largest in Canada and the fifteenth-largest in North America.


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